Suppression Screening

Suppression Screening

Matching industry lists to your mailing data enables the removal of deceased, gone-away and preference registered individuals. This saves you money, reduces bad PR and minimises complaints.

It can be financially advantageous to flag rather than drop your suppression matched records, for repeat mailings and ongoing reference. This option costs more per hit but has obvious long term savings.

The Gone-away lists we utilise are:

Absolute Movers [Experian]

Disconnect [Equifax]

Purity [Acxiom]

NCOA Suppress [Royal Mail]

The GAS File [Read Group]

Smartdepart [Wilmington Millennium]

The Deceased lists we utilise are:

MPS Deceased [DMA]

Disconnect Deceased [Equifax]

NCOA Deceased [Royal Mail]

Experian Mortality [Experian]

National Deceased Register [Ark]

Bereavement Register [Read Group]

Mortascreen [Wilmington Millennium]

The Preference lists we utilise are:

Mailing Preference Service [DMA]

Telephone Preference Service [DMA]

If there is a particular list you require that’s not mentioned above please contact us as we will most certainly be able to access and provide it.