Address Cleaning

If your data is old or not regularly maintained, a proportion of the addresses will be unusable, costing you money in mailings and returns. Some will be deliverable but won’t be complete or correct, irritating the intended recipients and reducing your response levels.

Our software corrects, updates and completes addresses to each specific country’s postal authority’s address standard. In doing so it delivers the following benefits to consumer and business data:

• Corrects and appends street names.
• Corrects and appends city names.
• Corrects and appends postcodes/zip codes.
• Corrects and appends country names.
• Splits addresses into key components.
• Recognises, corrects and standardises diacriticals (foreign characters).
• Removes spurious characters/phrases (null/dash/unknown/xxx etc.).
• Restructures address information split across address lines.
• Corrects and appends contact name titles/salutations.
• Performs country specific name and address casing.
• Performs country specific mailing address formatting.