It’s not uncommon for Bureaus to use ‘match-key’ technology to identify duplicates on both client and cold list files. This approach has limited effectiveness.

We don’t use any ‘match-key’ type processing; our matching involves a combination of sophisticated comparison routines utilizing both fuzzy and phonetic logic to ensure that all possible matches are found.

We can also incorporate additional comparison variables into these standard routines, such as email address or telephone number. Some clients require a totally bespoke de-duplication routine. These jobs are built around business rules (developed in conjunction with the client) that are rigorously tested, to ensure that sensitive data is not mismatched.

Due to the differing nature of address information by country, we have devised Country specific deduplication routines for maximum effectiveness.

With over 25 years of experience in the field of de-duplication we are able to deliver unrivalled matching quality.